Premium Salmon Oil Omega 3 with EPA, DHA & Vitamin E

This premium omega-3 supplement may assist in maintaining a healthy circulatory system, controlling cholesterol and blood pressure, and fighting age-related mental decline. Essential fatty acids EPA and DHA may assist with healthy memory and proper cognitive function, while the added vitamin E may assist with preventing disease and effective wound healing.


Why should you choose BFC Pharma's Salmon Oil?


Essential fatty acids required by every living cell in your body.

May Assist with
• Healthy memory
• Proper cognitive function
• Emotional well-being

A group of fat-soluble vitamins with antioxidant effects

May Assist with
• Preventing diseases caused by free radicals
• Effective healing of wounds and scars
• Treating eczema and psoriasis

Who Should Take a Salmon Oil Omega 3 Supplement?

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