Broad Spectrum Multivitamin & Multi-Nutrient Supplement for Teens

This Premium MN7 Multivitamin for teens may assist in boosting immunity, energy and metabolism while supporting overall health. Specifically-formulated to meet the demanding needs of student life, this multivitamin is designed to enhance concentration and brain function while assisting with stress management. It also contains essential vitamins and minerals to promote clear, healthy skin, and to boost the body’s natural defences.

Why should you choose BFC Pharma’s Multivitamin for teens?


• Zinc for immune support, stress relief and healthy skin
• Iron for energy levels and a strong immune system
• Copper for cognitive function and proper growth

• Vitamin B complex to balance mood, calm the nervous system and increase immunity
• Vitamin C to suppress stress hormone cortisol

Why should your teenager take a Multivitamin Supplement?

Teenagehood is arguably one of the most stressful times of your child’s life, as their body changes and develops, and they enter new environments. Getting the right vitamins and minerals is essential for suppressing excess stress, maintaining a healthy immune system and encouraging optimal brain function.


• Teens needs vitamins and minerals to support rapid growth and development
• A good multivitamin will supress the stress of new academic and social challenges, while boosting the immune system to guard against infection and disease
• The right minerals are required for proper brain growth and function
• Modern lifestyles and diets can lead to deficiencies of crucial nutrients
• Active teens burn more energy than usual, requiring more fuel

Our MN7 Multivitamin for Teens is packed with vitamins and minerals designed to boost energy levels, support proper growth and development, maintain a strong immune system, reduce stress and supercharge concentration and brain function.

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