Immune-Boosting Broad Spectrum Multivitamin & Multi-Nutrient Supplement for Adults

Our Premium Immune-Boosting MN7 for Adults has a unique formulation, with all the vitamins, minerals and amino acids your body needs to fight off infection and disease, and to maintain optimal immune response.

Why should you choose BFC Pharma's Premium Immune-Boosting MN7 for Adults?

A comprehensive, immune-boosting vitamin and mineral complex
• Carefully-selected nutrients for maximum immunity and protection
• Full complement of immune-boosting vitamins
• Minerals designed to support peak health in adult bodies
Give your body the support it needs
• Your body needs all the right nutrients for a strong, healthy immune system
• The average diet does not supply enough essential nutrients
• High stress levels can cause rapid nutrient depletion
• As we age, our bodies require a larger spectrum of vitamins and minerals to redress age-related imbalances
• Some vitamins and minerals can provide your body with the tools it needs to maintain strong natural defences

Why should you take an immune-boosting multivitamin supplement?

Your immune system is always at work, protecting you against disease -causing microorganisms without you even realising. To maintain strong natural defences, you need to give your body the nutrients it needs to fight off infection. Most of us don’t get nearly enough of our daily recommended intake of vitamins and minerals through our meals, and our needs change and develop as we grow older. A carefully-designed vitamin and mineral supplement can redress nutritional imbalances, boost your immunity, and assist with optimum long-term health.

*Efficacy may vary among users.
**Product contains Ginseng and is not recommended for persons with hypertension.

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